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Our vision is to re-address the value and equity of food within our society through agricultural innovation, accessibility and sustainability. The Urban Farming Company aims to offer zero carbon means to produce food. The only way to reduce the carbon intensity of agriculture is to stop using fossil fuels. With spiralling fuel costs and the rising social demands for food sovereignty, we believe it’s possible to create new approaches in sustainability. We aim to enable food sustainability by using innovative indoor farming techniques and by creating new cultural networks of food production.

As a company, we believe that farming and food production doesn’t have to be dislocated from local communities. Localised food production in towns and cities - urban farming – represents a much needed shift from globalisation to an accessible approach to farming. This has the benefits of producing food close to where it is consumed which means a massive reduction in food miles and a huge cutback in protective plastic packaging.

Localising food is a solution for reconnecting with food – with its provenance, its cultural significance, its variety. This milestone will ultimately help create healthier eating habits as well as helping people to value the natural environment which is the ultimate source of all our food.

Large scale mono-culture farming depletes and exhausts the environment beyond its natural capacity. As a result our farmland has simply exceeded it capacity to repair itself. There is a reliance on highly-processed and expensive chemicals to artificially boost the soil to enable crops to grow. The Urban Farming Company believes that farming does not have to produce its food by damaging or destroying the environment. At a time of rising fuel prices and unpredictable climate change there has never been a better time for innovative climate-resilient sustainability.


Methodology: > third-world solutions for first-world Problems...


‘Sustainable development’ is a phrase you hear when people talk about solutions for Africa. Indeed, it is. The Urban Farming Company has absorbed many well-founded insights from the field of international sustainable development and reapplied them to UK food production. Why? You might ask…

Answer: Innovation is all about transferring well-established ideas from one context and simply re-applying it to another. We believe that applying global development sustainability insights and approaches to address our emerging food challenges and the 2020 governmental carbon targets is worthwhile. This is especially valid considering developing countries have a historic lack of key resources such as water, electricity and food. For example, across Africa very little goes to waste - the principles of reduce, re-use and recycling are very well established and embedded in their culture, so why not transfer their insights and thinking? 

With the rising cost of fuel (which basically affects the cost of everything), seasonal water restrictions, the 2020 Governmental policy on decarbonisation, extreme weather conditions and environmental degradation…it’s time to reassess the sustainability of agriculture in the UK. This has to be done by making the most efficient and effective use of available natural and social resources. At the Urban Farming Company we call this philosophy ‘Third-world solutions for First-world problems’.