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Innovation is a great tool for solving big problems…and we’ve used the sharpest tool in our company toolbox to address one of the greatest challenges of our time - a broken food system. In response, our innovative greenhouse uniquely addresses the economic, social and environmental sustainability. During our current energy and environmental crisis, the MicroFarm greenhouse is the most efficient and sustainable growing format – cost effective and climate change resilient.

The Loop MicroFarm Greenhouse is a zero-carbon closed-loop indoor miniature organic farm. Its holistic design is based on the concept of reverse entropy  which enables it to be firmly based at the fore-front of solar passive architectural design, sustainable energy and the food sovereignty revolution.

We’ve used a smart approach to innovation which reflects nature’s way of maintaining its ecosystems. We’re just copying nature - biomicry it’s called. There’s no rocket-science involved in this way of thinking – it nature’s fundamental way of sustaining itself. In fact, all biological matter is designed to fit within a cycle, a cycle of re-purposing or composted.

In nature, waste doesn’t exist…waste is food. This is the design inspiration taken from nature which formed our design brief for our greenhouse. Symbiosis is the general biological name for this approach…quite simply it means ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’. From a design perspective, we’re using a ‘closed-loop’ food production system. We’re doing this by integrating bleeding-edge thinking from architecture, renewable energy, waste-stream management and agriculture.

While all greenhouses collect solar energy, the MicroFarm’s architectural configuration and hybrid renewable energy systems enable it to capture and uniquely store heat during cloudy days, at night and during in the winter months. The greenhouse offers exceptional economical and environmental advantageous benefits by providing an indoor growing environment which has extremely low energy requirements throughout the year.

i.    Our innovative MicroFarm greenhouse is able to minimise its heat losses and maximizing solar gain enabling an economical 12-month growing environment ideally suited for organic vegetable, herb and edible flower production.

ii.   Its zero-carbon operation relies on sustainable energy sources rather than traditional environmentally polluting and expensive fossil fuel energy sources. At the heart of the MicroFarm Greenhouse is an innovative aerobic heat exchange system enabling it to harvest the heat produced from waste compost. As a result, the MicroFarm Greenhouse allows year-round propagation and cultivation without additional heating and cooling systems and costs.

iii.   Designed with a closed-loop operating system, our greenhouse contains bio-integrated systems - linking the re-circulation of water via aquaculture and vegetable production - reflecting the natural eco-systems found in nature. This ensures there are no inefficient water or nitrogen losses. The result is 100% organic horticulture based on the permaculture principles of waste stream management through the integration of natural cycles.