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Our MicroFarm Greenhouses make excellent outdoor classrooms. They offer an engaging way to encourage school children to understand their natural environment and where their food comes from. Direct contact with plants provides a nurturing learning experience for children of all ages. With the proper planning and considerations a Loop Greenhouse can provide an out-of-the-classroom experience that will teach children about seasonal and annual cycles and plant systems.

From a practical perspective, a MicroFarm Greenhouse can provide a safe and engaging environment for children to carry out gardening tasks such as seeding and propagation during cold and wet winter weather. The greenhouses can inspire, educate and empower school children in localized organic food production, water management, sustainability, organic gardening and alternative energy.

 “How many children don’t know that spaghetti grows on trees or milk is from melting icebergs?”

Integrating the Loop Greenhouse into the school curriculum will raise awareness and  curiosity of nutritious food thereby encouraging them to eat more healthily. Science experiments, e.g. investigating global warming, energy conservation and the ‘greenhouse effect’ can also be demonstrated. The active participation and inclusion of children in the operation of these greenhouses will increase their scientific knowledge and interest. A greenhouse can provide an out of the classroom experience that will teach students about seasonal and annual cycles and plant systems. Crucially It also teaches them practical and management skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

But urban food production is not only a great tool for practical and theoretical education, it also - in turn - leads to a greater awareness about issues surrounding sustainability, recycling, environmental damage and social injustice. With awareness comes greater appreciation and consequently people will more readily engage with activities which intend to enact nature conservation and environmental protection.