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We love creating synergies between science, design, nature and systems thinking. We apply multi-disciplinary innovation using over a dozen specializations at our disposal. To improve environmental, social and economic outcomes, we must first understand lives, problems, needs and capacities as they are. To create better systems, we must first understand systems as they exist and evolve. Intensive contextual research and strategic analysis are thus at the heart of all we do. Through methods such as contextual user/stakeholder interviews, brainstorming, experience mapping, observation and shadowing, we gain a holistic, nuanced understanding of human behaviour, organizational capacities, and market opportunities. These help us identify leverage points to help you develop appropriate solutions.

Using design, engineering, architecture and education – we design products, explore technologies, and foster trends that are appropriate, self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and culturally sensitive. We develop new products, architectural solutions, innovative technological processes and business models capable of positive economic, environmental and social change.

Urban Farming Company’s ‘one-stop-shop’ consultancy services seek to bridge the knowledge gap between accessible agricultural technology and urban farming systems.